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WildLIVE! Entertainment Productions is excited to announce that the hit television program WildLIVE! is coming to First Baptist Church of Kingstowne this summer. From July 8 to July 12, FBCK will be the host studio for the WildLIVE! broadcast crew, featuring Wilder the Lion and his friends. Each night the show will go on-location to encounter amazing wildlife from different parts of the globe, including the Andes Mountains of South America, the North American forests, the world's oceans, the vast savanna of Africa, and even the coldest spot on the planet, Antarctica!

"We look forward to bringing WildLIVE! to Kingstowne," said Showbiz Steve, the producer of WildLIVE!, "and we invite everyone to join us as part of the camera crew. There will be music, games, crafts, lessons, snacks, and a whole lot more. We'll make friends with some of the most remarkable animals God created - and learn how they show us the wonderful character of Christ. Join us this summer for WildLIVE! at FBCK."

Q. What ages should attend WildLIVE!?

A. All ages! The program is geared towards children 3 years old (as of the start of VBS) through 12th grade (based on the 2024-25 school year).

Q. What about adults?

A. There will also be a class for adults, so we invite the entire family to stay and be part of the fun! Infant and toddler care is provided for those parents/guardians that stay on campus.

Q. Do I need to pre-register?

A. All children and teens must be registered; pre-registering in advance will speed up check-in on the first night.  You can pre-register using the link above. 

Q. What time does the program start? When should we arrive, and what is the check-in process?

A. The program starts promptly at 6:30 each evening. We ask that you arrive early to allow time for check-in (doors will open at 6:00). When you arrive, you will check your child in at one of our security kiosks (staff will be available to help). Each child will receive a name tag; this tag must be worn throughout the evening. Parents will receive a security tag with a matching code. After check-in, our staff will guide your child to their class meeting spot in the main auditorium.

Q. What time does the program end? What is the child pick-up process?

A. The program will end at approximately 8:30 each evening. Parents/guardians can wait at the back of the main auditorium for dismissal. Once the program is concluded, children will be released alphabetically by last name. On the way out, show the security tag to our security staff, who will compare it to the child's name tag.

Q. What will happen if I don't pick my child up on time?

A. It's a nature show - we feed lost children to the wild animals. (Just kidding - all of our wild animals are puppets, and very friendly.) However, if you do need to make alternate arrangements for child pick-up, be sure to let us know. During registration, you can authorize other adults for pick-up. For security reasons, children cannot be released except to an adult possessing the security tag or another previously-authorized adult (with proper ID). 

Q. Will my child be safe?

A. Yes, we are committed to your child's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and we work hard to provide a safe environment. All workers are screened and trained, and we follow a rigorous set of safety protocols based on ministry best practices. And again, all our wild animals are puppets, so they (seldom) eat children.

Q. Will there be snacks? What about allergies?

A. Yes, there will be wildlife-themed snacks each night. If your child has any food allergies, let us know when registering, and our "Alpaca Snacks" crew will make appropriate alterations.

Q. Can you accommodate children with special needs or a medical situation?

A. Yes. Please let us know when registering so we can plan accordingly. 

Q. My child is 3 years old but not yet potty-trained. Is that a problem?

A. In this situation, we ask that a parent remain on campus to assist with any diaper/clothing changes.

Q. We can't make it all five nights. Is that okay?

A. Of course! But we'll miss you when you're gone...

Q. Is there any cost?

A. No, Vacation Bible School is a ministry of FBCK and is free to everyone.

We look forward to seeing you at WildLIVE!