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Step 3: Discipleship

“Discipleship” is the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ. It involves the care and teaching of new believers, helping them grow to full maturity in Jesus Christ and find their place of service in God’s family. To facilitate this growth, we offer various levels of training. 

Each member of the church family should strive to be spiritually healthy and active in their growth as a Christian. The church is a place for healing, encouragement, and learning. Having a strong, rooted relationship with Jesus is how the church remains strong and healthy.​Discipleship is a catalyst for people to fulfill the commission of Jesus Christ: to go into all the world and reach people with the truth of eternal life.

Every week, dozens of people are becoming grounded in their faith and learning answers to their spiritual questions. 

One on One Discipleship

This level is taught one-on-one by a personal tutor/mentor relationship with someone who is a little further along in their walk with the Lord. The mentor and disciple will usually sit down together over a cup of coffee, share life together and work through a Bible-centered lesson. There are 20 short, yet thorough, lessons covering the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. Scheduling is flexible and can fit into anyone's busy lifestyle. (In church discipleship is done on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.)

In-Home Setting

Living a busy work life or even being a parent of small children, can often times cause us to be hesitant to invest into taking the next step in our spiritual walk with the Lord. We offer an in-home discipleship program that is able to fit around any schedule. 

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