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Protective Environment for Adults, Children, and Youth (PEACHY)

FBCK is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its members and guests that is free from physical threats, verbal or sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect. To this end, it has established the FBCK PEACHY program. PEACHY minimizes the risk of abuse or neglect of children, youth, and vulnerable adults within the church community. It also guides volunteers and employees and protects them from unwarranted allegations of abuse or neglect. 

FBCK PEACHY Policy and Operating Procedures

PEACHY Policy and Operating Procedures (working version 2023-08-25)

Worker Certification

To work in any FBCK ministries covered by the PEACHY program, you must undergo a screening and training process. Upon successful completion, you will be certified as having met PEACHY requirements. 

To become certified, you follow these steps:

Note: Please scan and email completed forms to PEACHY@kingstownebaptist.org, or give hard-copy forms to Steve Moore. An online submission process is in development but is not yet available.

Step 1

Complete and sign the PEACHY ministry application form. Minors must also have a parent/guardian sign the PEACHY minor applicant addendum.

PEACHY Application Form

PEACHY Minor Applicant Addendum

Step 2

FBCK will perform a background check, review sex offender registries, and contact the references you provided on your application. In addition, you may be asked to take part in a short interview with the PEACHY Director.

Step 3

Review the annual training module (unless you attended the annual training group session). When done, sign and return the annual training completion form.

PEACHY Annual Training Module

PEACHY 2023 Cheat Sheet

PEACHY annual training completion form

In addition, review the FBCK Teacher Training module. This module contains important information (beyond the PEACHY program) that every teacher and leader at FBCK must know.

FBCK Teacher Training 2023

Step 4

Review the code of personal conduct. When done, sign the agreement statement and return the form. (You might also want to keep a copy of the code for future reference.)

PEACHY Code of Personal Conduct

Step 5

Congratulations! Upon completion of the certification requirements, you will receive a confirmation email (and a peach sticker for your ID badge).


Email peachy@kingstownebaptist.org.

Additional Reference Material

Virginia Child Protective Services (includes reporting hotline)

Fairfax County Child Protective Services (includes reporting hotline)

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect (mandated reporters training module)

Guide for Mandated Reporters in Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Protection in a Ministry Environment: Guidelines for Ministry Workers (Brotherhood Mutual)

White Paper: Registered Sex Offenders in Ministry Activities (Brotherhood Mutual)