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Missions is the life-blood of a church. Matthew 28:19-20 instructs us to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

Lives are touched, souls are saved, and churches are established when churches get a burden to spread the gospel message wherever they can. Kingstowne Baptist Church's primary area of ministry is in northern Virginia, but we are also involved in missions work across the United States and throughout the world. Here are some of our missionaries that we sponsor or support regularly, and some of the missions activities that we are involved in.

Out of First Baptist Church of

eyes on christ

Eyes on Christ

Medical Ministry

Eyes on Christ is a medical ministry modeled after the ministry of Jesus Christ. Many times, He set the example of ministering to others physically, and then using the opportunity to reveal who He was spiritually and teaching individuals about Himself.

Eyes on Christ teams with missionaries already on the field, usually in foreign countries. We set up an eye care clinic to provide eye glasses, vision care, and medications to minister to people's physical needs. At the same time, we have evangelists who can explain who Christ is and the sacrifice He made for everyone. Once the Eyes on Christ team leaves, the missionary on the field continues to disciple and teach.

Julie Schoeff serves as Director of Eyes on Christ. To learn more about the ministry or to volunteer for an upcoming trip, contact her at Benchmark Baptist Fellowship.

michael kim

Myung (Michael) Kim

Kingstowne Korean Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)

Michael Kim is a missionary helper who assists with the Kingstowne Korean Baptist Church. His focus is on the young adults, teens, and children within the Korean congregation.

job villasor

Job Villasor


Job Villasor is an experienced national missionary serving in Kidapawan City, Philippines. He is also the Director of the Abiko Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary in Kidapawan. FBCK is his co-sponsoring church, along with Abiko Missionary Baptist Church (Abiko, Japan).

Supported by First Baptist Church of

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brad connie lowrie

Brad & Connie Lowrie


Brad and Connie Lowrie are church-planters in the eastern European country of Croatia.

chuck terry fernandez

Chuck & Terry Fernandez

Florida & Kenya

Chuck and Terry Fernandez are church planters working in Brooksville, Florida. They are sent out by FBC of East Bay, Riverview, Florida. Prior to the Florida Plant, Chuck and Terry served for many years in western Kenya and eastern Uganda, bringing the gospel message to rural villages, training pastors and workers, and establishing independent indigenous churches. Even now, they stay closely involved in the on-going missions work in Kenya and Uganda.

In the summer of 2013, FBC Kingstowne raised funds for the construction of a sanctuary building for Landmark Baptist Church in Soysambu, Kenya, a church established under the ministry of Chuck and Terry. FBCK is excited to partner with LBC Soysambu and to have a role in spreading the gospel in eastern Africa.

damien melanie austin

Damien & Melanie Austin


Damien and Melanie Austin are missionaries to Zhytomyr, Ukraine. They operate Ukrainian Hope Missions in the rural and impoverished village of Bolyarka. In addition to church planting, the Austins conduct humanitarian relief efforts, work with children in schools, and teach English classes. FBCK has supported the Austins for many years, and we rejoice at the difference they are making.

The Austins are sent out of Westwood Baptist Church (Winter Haven, Florida). 

kevin alina hutcheson

Kevin & Alina Hutcheson


Kevin and Alina Hutcheson serve in the Romanian town of Otopeni, just north of the capital city of Bucharest. Kevin pastors Otopeni Baptist Church. The Hutchesons are sent by Westwood Baptist Church (Winter Haven, Florida).

markie christie bullock

Markie & Christie Bullock


Markie and Christie Bullock are church-planting missionaries headed to Tarragona, a port city along the northeast coast of Spain (near Barcelona). Prior to the their call to Spain, they did missions work in Navajoa, Mexico, running an orphanage and assisting with a church-plant effort there.

mike camille neff

Mike & Camille Neff

El Paso, TX

Mike and Camille Neff are church planters working in El Paso, Texas. New Heights Baptist Church made its launch in May 2014.

mike jenna jones

Mike & Jenna Jones

Fayetteville, NC

In 2013, a number of like-minded believers began meeting in Fayetteville, NC (home of Fort Bragg), with the intention of establishing a new church. In March of 2014, Mike and Jenna Jones answered the call to lead the new work, aptly named First Heritage Baptist Church.

mike lynette cross

Mike & Lynette Cross

Missoula, MT

Mike and Lynnette Cross lead a church-plant effort in Missoula, Montana. They recently established Redeeming Grace Baptist Church in Missoula.

american baptist association

American Baptist Association

Mt Pleasant, TX

The American Baptist Association is a fellowship of Baptist churches who have elected to associate with each other for the furtherance of the cause of Christ. Associated efforts include the support of missionaries, publishing of curriculum, and assistance to the poor and homeless.

mid atlantic baptist association

Mid-Atlantic Baptist Association

Middle Atlantic States

The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Association is an association of like-minded independent Baptist churches and missions in the middle Atlantic states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia). The churches fellowship and work together in several areas, including the establishment and encouragement of new churches in the region. FBCK associates with the churches of the MABA, and promotes new mission work in the mid-Atlantic through contributions to the MABA Development Fund.

interstate mission development

Interstate Mission Development

Somerset, KY

Interstate Mission Development is an associated effort in which like-minded churches pool resources to provide focused support to missionaries and missions work for the financing of buildings, property, and mortgage buy-down. By coordinating through the IMD, churches are able to assist church plants and new mission works more effectively, and bring resources to where they can have the most impact.

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March for

March for Missions is our annual month-long celebration of mission work, held every March. It features guest missionaries, video presentations, outreach-oriented service projects, small-group activities, and a few things just for fun. It concludes with our annual international fellowship dinner, and serves as a reminder of the importance of missions work locally and throughout the world.