Featured Missionary: Stephen Lee

- 5:36 am - April 12th, 2015

Featured Missionary: Stephen Lee

April 12, 2015 at 5:36 AM

Each week, FBCK features a different missionary to learn about and pray for. This week's featured missionary is Stephen Lee of Friends in Faith Baptist Fellowship in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Stephen Lee was the pastor of Brookside Baptist Church in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights, Missouri, when he felt the Lord lead him to establish a new Baptist church in the nearby city of O’Fallon. In the fall of 2006, with the help of another family, he started hosting Bible studies in his home. Soon enough people were attending to start regular Sunday church services. In May 2007, the group chose “Friends in Faith Baptist Fellowship” to be the name of the future church.

Since its founding, Friends in Faith has met in a number of different locations in O’Fallon, which is located about thirty miles west of downtown St. Louis. Friends in Faith moved into its current location, a storefront property adjacent to a busy highway, about a year ago. Growth has been slow, but the mission effort is starting to see some progress. It is looking forward to the day when it has its own property and is established as an independent Bible-believing church.