Featured Missionary: Ryan and Lauri Bickel

- 10:57 pm - September 15th, 2014

Featured Missionary: Ryan and Lauri Bickel

September 15, 2014 at 10:57 PM

Ryan and Lauri Bickel are church planters working in the San Jose area of Costa Rica, planting their first church there in September 2008. They have a diverse ministry – in addition to weekly services in their home church, they conduct in-home Bible studies and regular services at remote points in the rainforest, as well as youth camps and children’s days through the area. They also operate a children’s refuge, taking in needy children on a temporary basis and ministering  to restore health and security.

A newer aspect of their ministry is working with the Ngäbe Indians. These Indians are nomadic, coming into the area for several months each year to pick coffee before returning to reservations. The Bickels have established feeding centers to provide good, hearty hot meals to the Ngäbe children several days a week – the only real meal they get. During this time, the Bickels share Bible lessons and teach the gospel message. The vision is to see indigenous churches started with the Ngäbes, both in the San Jose area and in their villages and reservations.

For more on the Bickel family, check out their website at www.bickelfamily.com.