Featured Missionary: Paul and Sarah LeClercq

- 8:39 pm - January 18th, 2015

Featured Missionary: Paul and Sarah LeClercq

January 18, 2015 at 8:39 PM

Each week, FBCK features a different missionary to learn about and pray for. This week's featured missionary family is Paul and Sarah LeClercq of Inarajan, Guam.

Paul LeClercq's high school best friend was Dallas, who was from the small South Pacific island of Guam. They even attended church together. But their lives took different turns when Paul moved away. Paul went on to Bible College and a call to ministry, while Dallas slid into a life of rebellion and satanic worship.

This was certainly on Paul's heart when he followed God's lead to become a missionary to Guam. After graduation from school, an internship, and several years of deputation and planning, the LeClercq family arrived in Guam in February 2012. Their ministry there focuses on the native islanders on the south end of the island, rather than the north end that is dominated by a US military presence. They are now returning to Guam after spending most of 2014 on furlough, with plans to establish a church in the village of Inarajan.

And as for Dallas? He is now reunited with his high school friend Paul LeClercq, and they attend services together in Guam.