Featured Missionary: Nicholas Sawyer

- 12:49 pm - June 8th, 2014

Featured Missionary: Nicholas Sawyer

June 08, 2014 at 12:49 PM

Our featured missionary family this week is Nicholas and Ashley Sawyer of Tok, Alaska.

Nicholas and Ashley are originally from the Anchorage, Alaska, area. That’s where they were in 2003, when he felt God’s call to the ministry. Later that year, the couple moved to Oklahoma so he could attend Bible college. After graduation, he served as an assistant pastor at Maplewood Baptist Church (Martinsburg, WV). Then, in September 2008, God called the couple back to Alaska.

Tok is a small community on the Alaskan Highway, nestled just inside the Alaskan border with Canada. The Sawyers arrived there in 2009, establishing Gateway Baptist Church in their home. Since then, the growing congregation has met in several locations, including a community senior center and an old mission building. This Sunday, the congregation reaches another milestone, conducting their first worship service in a new church building. We are sure that God will continue to bless the Sawyer family and the work in Tok.