ABA meeting: Missionary Share Time

- 1:53 pm - June 23rd, 2015

ABA meeting: Missionary Share Time

June 23, 2015 at 1:53 PM

At the ABA annual messenger meeting's "missionary share time", each missionary gets the opportunity to give a 2-minute recap of their ministry. Below are a a few snippets from this year's share time that might be of special interest to FBCK. For some photos and more information, check out our facebook page.

Chuck Fernandez (Florida, Kenya/Uganda): reported on the on-going work in eastern Africa, where they are putting up the 15th sanctuary building, as well as his new church plant effort in Brooksville, Florida. Still splits much of his time between Florida and Africa.

Ernie Hopper (eastern Africa): working with over 80 churches and 70 indigenous pastors in eastern Africa. His son Michael is joining him as a missionary on the field.

Alan Schoeff (Sheridan, Indiana): church is about ready to be organized. Jason Rumph will come along side Alan for about a year, and then take over the reigns. Then Alan and Julie will look for another church plant opportunity in Indiana.

Matt Lahnmann (St. Charles, Missouri): reported on the great progress at City Lights

Mike Jones (Fayetteville, North Carolina): Last week had 9 saved and a high of 47 in attendance. 9 members of the mission made the trip to Springfield to promote the mission.

Gene Horn (Rome, New York): reported on the need for more mission works in the state of New York.

Pastor Kim: gave a positive report on the progress of the Korean mission.

Michael Kim:  introduced himself and presented the great opportunities to work with the young people of the Korean community in northern Virginia.

Pastor Mix: talked about the I-95 vision, focusing on the need for a missionary-pastor at Benchmark Baptist Fellowship - on-going work, great building, good core of people, 5-bedroom parsonage. Called it "the best kept secret in the ABA".