ABA meeting: day 2 report

- 9:20 am - June 25th, 2015

ABA meeting: day 2 report

June 25, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Day two of the ABA messenger meeting always focuses on missions, and this year was no different. Here are a few highlights:

  • In 2014-15, almost $2.3 million was given through the office of the Secretary-Treasurer of Missions, supporting missionaries in 26 states and 20 foreign countries. Supported missionaries reported almost 20,000 salvations. While this is only a fraction of the missions work done by ABA-represented churches (much support is given directly to missionaries or their sending churches), it does show the breadth and depth of missions work across the association.
  • 177 missionaries or missionary helpers were recommended for the upcoming year.
  • Salaried missionaries were given a 2% raise.
  • For the Kingstowne Baptist Korean Mission, Brother Young-Bae Kim was approved for re-recommendation as a missionary on salary, and Brother Michael Kim was approved (for the first time) as a missionary helper on designated funds.
  • Bryan Sellers was re-elected to the position on Secretary-Treasurer of misssions.
  • The messenger body approved a change in the missions policy to designate a new category of "Missions Ministry". This reflects the need to better articulate the role of a growing number of ministries to help missionaries and churches to be successful.

In other business that might be of particular interest to FBCK members:

  • The chaplaincy committee reported that ABA-endorsed chaplains continue to be held in good standing across the DoD. Pastor Mix plays a vital role on the committee, including representing it within the National Capital Region. He was re-elected to serve on the committee for another year.
  • Jeremy Valladares of McAllen, Texas, presented the annual missionary sermon. Brother Valladares is the young missionary who was nearly killed in an accident while on a missions trip to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico in January 2014.