On-Line Links

FBCK is currently pausing on-site activities due to COVID concerns. We invite everyone to join us on-line via livestream and Zoom.

Links for on-line Bible studies, worship services, and meetings

Kidstowne Lesson video download

Sunday 10:00 am - Thru-the-Bible: Genesis (Pastor Mix)

Sunday 10:00 am - Homebuilders (Carl Bodin)

Sunday 10:00 am - 13 Reasons: Can we know truth? (Steve Moore)

Sunday 10:00 am - Teen Bible Study (Pastor Suglio)

Sunday 11:15 am  and Wednesday 7:00 pm - Worship Service via livestream

Sunday 5:30 pm - AWANA Share Time

Sunday 6:00 pm - Old Testament Chronology (Jim Bowling)



Class handouts for 13 Reasons, including notes (click to download) 

  • 01 Blind faith and other tales I was told (pdf) (ppt)
  • 02 Humanism: running around in circles (pdf) (ppt)
  • 03 God is logical (pdf) (ppt)
  • 04 Save the pygmies! (pdf) (ppt)
  • 05 60 cents (three paradigms) (pdf) (ppt)
  • 06 Love, death, and what's in between (pdf) (ppt)
  • 07 Even a broken clock is right twice a day (pdf) (ppt)

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