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This page contains information on our Child Protection Training program. The material is intended only for those applying for a position (whether paid or volunteer) within FBCK that requires CPT screening.

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CPT Certification

To work in any ministry at FBCK involving children (to include Noah's Room, Sunday School, AWANA, and Kingstowne Kids), you must:
(a) annually participate in a training program,
(b) fill out an application form, and
(c) go through a screening process (the type of screen depends on the position and degree of autonomy required).


Annual Training

Annual training is typically conducted in August or September each year. If you were not able to attend the training, you can fulfill the requirement by downloading and reviewing the material here:

Child Protection Training 2022-23
Case Studies (this text goes with the first few slides of the training package)
Exercise 2023: Trip to Camp (this is a group exercise conducted during the annual training)
Quiz 2022-23 (this self-administered quiz tests your understanding of the FBCK CPT program)


Application and Screening

Once you have reviewed the training package, you should download and complete the application. Please email your completed application to Steve Moore (smoore12@cox.net). We will conduct the screen and add your name to the list of approved workers.

2022-23 Worker Application
Application Instructions


Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that might be useful.

FBCK Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Plan
VA Mandated Reporter Guide
VDH Material


Other Material from the 2022 Training Day

This material presented at the 2022 Training Day is not directly related to the Child Protection Program but does provide valuable information for FBCK ministry workers.

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