AWANA 2020-21




Due to COVID precautions and the need for social distancing, we placed a cap on the size of our AWANA program this year. We have now reached that limit, and we are no longer accepting registrations. This was a hard decision, but we must remain committed to the physical health, as well as spiritual health, of each of our AWANA families.

We are maintaining a wait list, in case we have future openings or we can relax COVID restrictions. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please send an email to with your name, phone number, and the names/ages of your AWANA clubbers.


Yes, we plan to have an on-site AWANA program this year!

FBCK is committed to providing a quality AWANA program while staying consistent with government and health agency guidelines. Now more than ever, AWANA can give stability and purpose to kids and their families in challenging times. We appreciate your understanding as we seek to work through this together.


Our AWANA program meets on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:00 pm in Kidstowne (the lower level of our church building). We offer the following clubs:

  • Puggles (2-3 years old),
  • Cubbies (3-4 years old),
  • Sparks (K-2nd grade), and
  • T&T (3rd-6th grade).

Our first meeting night will be Sunday, September 20th. This later start will provide an opportunity for families to adjust to the new school year before adding AWANA to the schedule.


We have restructured some aspects of our program to better comply with pandemic restrictions. Changes include:

  • Required temperature screenings and masks when entering/exiting the building,
  • Increased spacing and modified teaching techniques in classrooms,
  • Modified games to promote social distancing and limit close interactions,
  • Elimination of opening and closing ceremonies,
  • Temporary suspension of our child check-in system, and
  • Modified drop-off and pick-up procedures.

We will provide additional details before the first meeting.

Please note: Because of changing conditions, we are continually re-evaluating our processes to ensure the safety of our children and workers. We may find it necessary to take additional measures to comply with safety standards. This could include restricting enrollment or temporarily moving to virtual meetings. We will do our best to be prompt, transparent, and fair in our decision-making. Thank you for your understanding.


Registration will be totally on-line this year, via the link below. New families will need to set up an account. Returning families should already have an account set up, even if you did not access it last year.

Please review your account profile and ensure that the contact information is correct, as that is the primary means by which we will communicate to you. Once your account profile is created or verified, you can register each child.

When you register, you will also order uniforms and handbooks.

  • You do not need to order a new uniform if your child already has one for their club that fits.
  • AWANA is phasing out the blue T&T jersey. Only green jerseys are available for purchase. Clubbers may continue to wear a blue jersey if they wish.
  • Returning Sparks who finished last year in the middle of a book: If your child still has their current handbook, order the next handbook, and we will hold it until they finish their current handbook. Otherwise, order their current handbook.
  • Other items can also be ordered, such as Puggles Parent Cards, Cubbies and Sparks handbook bags, and T&T sling bags. These are offered for convenience and are entirely optional. For more information, visit


Like any program of its type, there are costs associated with our AWANA program. We ask families to share these costs.

  • There is a registration fee of $32 per child. This fee pays for awards and other incidental expenses.
  • Families are responsible for paying for uniforms and handbooks.
  • The church will provide teaching material and administrative expenses.

Registration fees and uniform/handbook costs will be charged to your account at registration. Payments by cash or check can be made to the AWANA secretary starting the second club week.

We will not deny access to AWANA or other ministries for financial reasons. Scholarships, payments over time, and recycled uniforms are available.

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in your child’s spiritual development. For more information, contact the AWANA Ministry Director.


Or visit the FBCK AWANA site: